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Efficient Project Construction, Quality Growth of Industrial Parks

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The signing ceremony & project work promotion meeting for the four functional centers project of Sichuan Chengdu Aviation Industrial Park was held recently. Xindu District Party Committee Secretary Xu Xingguo and AVIC Chengdu Aircraft Industrial Group (CAIG) Deputy General Manager Ni Yongfeng were present at the meeting.
    At the signing ceremony, it was introduced that the construction project of the four functional centers (Material Center, Testing Center, Heat Treatment Center and Delivery Center) will expedite perfecting the supporting service facilities of industrial functional zones and will drive the industrial park to achieve full-function operation.
At the work promotion meeting, the overall progress of the project, the construction state of the industrial park and the construction approaches were reported; and the construction scheme for the four functional centers and the overall planning for the Xu expressed at the conference his welcome to the settlement of more relevant prominent enterprises in the park. He praised CAIG’s high-standard and environmentally-friendly design. To grow stronger in a sustainable way, enterprises have to plan for the long run and allow for environmental protection. At the time where the aviation industry is growing explosively, the industrial park should take the opportunity to identify its target and demand quickly and accurately, plan in advance and push forward different projects simultaneously in an all-round way. The park should make an inverted schedule to track the implementation of agreed events and pay efforts to accelerate the construction and operation of the project, said Xu.
    In regard to production supporting facilities, Xindu District is working on building standardized factories to achieve project launch upon contract signing and a “fully-furnished” industrial park. The factories will also help enterprises put their limited funds in equipment, R&D and technological innovation, thus providing strong support for accelerating the implementation and operation of major projects.
    As to the construction of the industrial park, Xindu District developed a development model of “government + industrial leaders + supporting enterprises”, where the government conducts policy guidance and resource integration; industrial leaders cluster participants; and supporting enterprises realize their independent innovation potential. Thus, the construction efficiency of the industrial park has been enhanced.
    Xu hopes that the industrial park can take the market growth potential into full consideration and insist on a high entry criteria for the park, quality growth of the park and efficient construction of the project, so as to build the industrial park into a world first-rate R&D and manufacturing base of large aviation components.
    According to Ni, the industrial park project is a key for CAIG to raise its level and competitiveness. The company will offer professional supports in the construction of the four centers, screening of enterprises to enter the industrial park, overall planning of the park, etc., to help push ahead with the construction and operation of the project.
    Wu Hao, deputy head of Xindu District, also attended the ceremony and work promotion meeting